In the context of the 6th R&G British Talent Cup at Thruxton, Rhys encountered a notable challenge in the form of struggling to maintain the desired speed. During the first race, Rhys showcased his determination by engaging in an intense battle to secure the 5th position, reflecting their competitive spirit and unwavering commitment.

The second race at Thruxton brought about a different set of obstacles as technical issues emerged, leading to an unexpected start from the pitlane. However, Rhys tackled this adversity head-on, working his way through the field to ultimately finish in the 14th position. This display of perseverance in the face of setbacks highlighted Rhys’ dedication to the sport.

As the spotlight shifted to the Red Bull Ring in Austria for the 6th round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, Rhys found himself captivated by the track’s unique charms. However, the unpredictable weather played a role in affecting both the Free Practice sessions and the Qualifying rounds. Despite these challenges, Rhys secured a starting position of 24th on the grid.

While Race 1 at the Red Bull Ring might have ended with a slightly disappointing 24th place finish, Rhys exhibited resilience and an unwavering commitment to improvement. Race 2 became a pivotal moment of triumph, as Rhys harnessed their determination to secure the 19th position, marked by visible progress and a fast last-lap performance.

With anticipation building, Rhys looked ahead to the forthcoming and final round of the Red Bull racing series, set to take place in Italy in a mere three weeks’ time. This impending event not only underscored Rhys’ dedication to the sport but also highlighted his eagerness to embrace new challenges and opportunities on the horizon.