Broker Training – Replacement Hire Vehicle

Replacement Hire Vehicle Sales Process

  • All drivers must be 21 years of age and over. (23 years in Northern Ireland)
  • All claims must have been reported to the policyholder’s main motor insurance policy Insurer prior to making a claim on this policy.
  • Any Driver with the following driving history will be excluded from cover so it is important to verify this with the policyholder at point of sale;
    • Any of the following outstanding Driving Licence Codes : AC, BA, CD, DD, DR, DG, IN, LC, MR, MS, TT, UT
    • (Refer to main policy terms Section 3 – Exclusions for details)
    • 2 fault accidents/claims within the last 5 years
    • Multiple convictions amounting to more than 6 driving licence penalty points
    • Banned from driving within the last 5 years
  • The main insured vehicle must have been serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and be covered by a valid in force motor insurance policy issued by an FCA or PRA regulated insurer
  • The insured vehicle must be un-roadworthy or in the process of being repaired
  • All claims must have been reported to the policyholder’s main motor insurance policy Insurer prior to making a claim on this policy
  • Any insured vehicle that is used for Driving Instruction is not covered
  • Vehicles used for courier purposes or for taxi hire and reward are not covered unless this is disclosed at point of sale and an additional quoted premium has been paid. There is a special set of policy terms and conditions for insured taxi vehicles i.e. Replacement Hire Vehicle Taxi
  • All hire vehicles provided are to standard manufacturer specification and manual transmission based. The hire vehicle company may offer the policyholder requested upgrades at the time of hire including automatic transmission vehicles – (Note:-additional daily hire charges may apply)
  • It is the policyholder’s responsibility to ensure that insurance provided by the hire company is sufficient for their needs as any damage caused to the hire vehicle and any associated costs will be the policyholder’s responsibility
  • Any additional charges imposed by the hire vehicle company will be the responsibility of the policyholder including insurance excesses fuel, fares and any fines that are incurred during the vehicle hire period.

The policy does not cover hire vehicles to be used outside Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

  • Prior to purchase you should ensure that the policyholder is made aware that whilst this policy is an add-on their main motor insurance policy it does not offer “like for like” insured vehicle cover. There are a number of vehicle type options and premium rates that the policyholder can select at time of purchase to suit their individual needs
  • All claims must be reported within 14 days of the incident, accident or theft giving rise to the claim
  • If for reasons beyond our control a suitable hire vehicle cannot be provided then the policy will cover transportation costs up to the daily hire rate for the hire period (This will be a set at £62 per day for the Replacement Hire Vehicle Taxi policy).

Replacement Hire Vehicle Summary of Key Covers

  • The Lexelle Replacement Hire Vehicle Policy is designed to provide motor insurance
    Policy holders with a temporary hire vehicle should their vehicle be un-driveable in the event of an accident (non-fault or fault), fire damage, malicious damage or theft of their vehicle.
  • The policy is designed to be sold as an additional optional product in conjunction with the purchase or renewal of a policyholder’s main motor insurance policy.
  • Various vehicle class types and hire period premium cover options are available with this policy and should be offered to the policyholder at point of sale.
  • All hire vehicles are fully serviced, less than 3 years old and will be of the class requested by the policyholder at purchase or higher if a vehicle of that class is not available.
  • The policy covers for a maximum of 2 claims up to the policyholder’s selected hire days limit (in aggregate).


The Lexelle Replacement Hire Vehicle Insurance Policy is available as an additional add-on extra to a policyholder’s main comprehensive motor policy for an additional price.

The additional benefits include for a replacement vehicle should the main policyholder’s insured vehicle be rendered un-driveable and in need of repair after an accident. Cover is also provided if the car is stolen or has been subject of malicious damage and needing repair.

When purchasing the Replacement Hire Vehicle Insurance Policy the policyholder can select the type of vehicle class they wish to be covered for and the total number of hire days required up to a maximum of 28 days. Premium costs vary depending on the vehicle class and number of hire days selected.

No. Only the main Motor policy holder is covered for the hire vehicle.

No – the Replacement Hire Vehicle Policy cover is restricted to use within Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Under normal circumstances the vehicle Hirer will insure the hire vehicle unless there is an issue with convictions detailed on the policyholder’s Drivers Licence e.g. DR10 offence. For certain convictions the hirer will request that the policyholder insure the vehicle for the hire period.

Yes, a maximum of 2 claims are covered in any one period of insurance up to the total number of hire days that the policyholder has selected.