Next up for Carrie was a little break from the Ladies British Championship and instead it was the Bemrose Trophy Trial in the Peak District.

Carrie got off to a strong start managing to ride 5 clean sections in the first 6: putting her in a good position. As Carrie got into the middle section of the trial, she was still going strong with plenty of clean sections but around section 22 she ran into an electrical issue with her bike. After resolving the issue for the time being, the same issue returned just 5 sections later and this time it couldn’t be solved, cutting Carrie’s day short 27 sections into the 40 section trial. With missed sections for Carrie at the end, it resulted in a 32nd place finish but filled with plenty of great riding and positives to take.

This is what Carrie had to say about the trial: “My ride got off to a strong start with 3 cleans on the first 3 sections. The sections were good fun and challenging at times and the views around them only added to the experience of an awesome trial. My performance overall carried on pretty strong and I was feeling very pleased with my riding”.

Carrie then went on to say: “Unfortunately, later in the race I had an issue with the bike, but with help we got it going again. After another 5 sections as we were heading into the back end of Hawks Nest through the stream, the issue returned and could not be solved so that was my day done. I was absolutely gutted. However, I tried to take the positives and I was happy with how I did on Sunday even though it is the first one I haven’t finished but there’s a huge number of positives to take from the day”.

We’ll next see Carrie back in the Ladies British Championship this weekend for rounds 3 and 4 at the Non Stop Trials in South Wales.