Following a short break from the Ladies BTC, Carrie Dickinson was back in action at ACU Belles BTC for rounds five and six, two challenging rounds hosted in the Isle of Man.

After finishing work, Carrie took her van onto the ferry at Heysham and made the journey to the Isle. She arrived at Knock Froy early, prepared for what the next two days would bring. She prepared her bike, which donned fresh graphics from Amped, ready to make their debut.

As the start time arrived, Carrie warmed up, then headed to the first section. She had a bit of a shaky start, but saw improvement as she progressed through the laps, and battled through the heat of the day.

Carrie had this to say about day one: “There were some super challenging bits on Saturday that were the same as what the Ladies Championship Class were having to do, so I’m super proud to have made it through them! There were some pretty big scores all round Saturday and I took P5.”

By Sunday, Carrie’s confidence was high. She was over the hurdles of some of the tougher parts of the trial, and had a friend make some adjustments to the suspension of the bike. Remaining calm and collected, Carrie’s performance was consistent, finishing in fifth place overall.

“I was much more pleased with my performance on day two, but sadly two stupid fives on my final lap from a bike issue, cost me big time. I was four points off third place, and if I’d have gotten cleans or even threes on those two sections, I’d have made the podium. I was absolutely devastated to have been so close. So, it was two P5’s for me this time,” Carrie commented.

A really great performance for Carrie overall. Despite her feeling disappointed, the team at Lexelle are proud of the ongoing commitment Carrie shows to her riding. We look forward to seeing her this coming Sunday in Chelmsford.

Photography: Hagar Photography