Thefts of motorcycles typically increase by nearly 20 per cent between April and September according to new research by Ageas.

Just weeks after Lexelle launched its new Guaranteed Hire Vehicle policy for motorcyclists, bikers are being urged to step up security measures so they don’t fall prey to watching motorcycle thieves.

The study by Ageas revealed that there are more opportunities for motorcycle thefts during the spring and summer months following a winter hibernation for many bikers.

Robin Broughton, motorcycle development underwriter for Ageas, said the spring and summer months see more motorcycles on the road, providing more opportunities for organised and opportunistic thieves.

“The speed with which a motorcycle can be stolen and the brazenness of some thefts – with vehicles often being stolen in broad daylight – makes it dangerous to assume that these crimes are conducted under the cover of darkness,” he said.

“Far from it, more visibility gives rise to more thefts and it’s vital the motorcycling community are aware of the steps they can take to both reduce the risk of theft and increase the likelihood of the bike being recovered intact if it is stolen.

“Sadly, motorcycles are four times more likely to be stolen than cars, with 26,000 taken a year and we know that 40 per cent of victims of motorcycle theft decide to leave the motorcycling community as a consequence of the crime.”

It has also been revealed that the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) recorded a year on year 11.5 per cent increase in new motorcycle registrations.

“With new motorcycle registrations on the up and the promise of longer days as we enter British Summertime, we have produced our top tips to keep thieves at bay,” added Mr Broughton.

Lexelle has launched a new Guaranteed Hire Vehicle policy for motorcyclists which provides a variety of hire vehicle options designed to keep your client moving when their bike is unrideable due to an accident or theft.

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