EDIT: Due to a disqualification for a team ahead promotes Tarran and his F.C.C TSR Honda Racing team to third place for this race – Tarran is officially a Suzuka 8-Hour podium finisher!

The Suzuka 8hr Endurance Race is a renowned motorsport event that challenges riders and teams to push their limits in a gruelling test of skill, strategy, and endurance. Held annually in Japan, this race demands participants to navigate through a demanding circuit for a continuous 8-hour duration. It’s a true test of both the rider’s physical stamina and the machine’s reliability. Teams must carefully balance speed and fuel efficiency, making calculated pit stops for refueling and rider changes. The event not only showcases the prowess of the riders but also highlights the precision engineering of the motorcycles. With its unique format and demanding conditions, the Suzuka 8hr Endurance Race stands as a premier event in the world of motorcycle racing.

Tarran’s debut replaced the Australian rider, Josh Hook who unfortunately suffered a right shoulder injury during training and partnered with experienced racers Mike di Meglio and Alan Techer on the TSR outfit’s #1 Honda CBR1000RR-R.

Tarran had this to say: “As I only came as a reserve rider being asked to ride with the 2022 World Championship-winning team was an amazing opportunity. We had a difficult first hour with a crash and a technical problem so to fight back to fourth place at the flag in my first Suzuka 8hr race was fantastic. I’ve learned alot this weekend so I’m looking forward to coming back next year even stronger. I have to say a huge thank you to Honda Japan for putting their confidence in me this weekend”.

Lexelle is very proud to sponsor Tarran Mackenzie and enjoying seeing where this season takes him. Good luck in your next ride Tarran!