Insurance premiums can vary by as much as £9,000 depending on your profession, new research has shown.

Car Salesmen could be paying a staggering £9,640 on average while a state school bursar could be quoted as little as £371.

The research by compiled a list using their internal data identifying the top five professions which generate the highest average quotations and also the lowest.

The average cost of car insurance is £736 according to the price comparison website.

Car salesman, car valeter, window cleaner, football apprentice and car dealers are the professions likely to result in the highest premiums.

The professions with the lowest premiums were state school bursar, head of personnel, secretary/PA, principal officer with the civil service and police inspector.

Gemma Stanbury, Head of Car Insurance at says: “Whilst over the last year we have seen a drop in average car insurance prices by 9.8%, there are still distinguishing factors that can affect the cost of your car premium.”

“These factors include the type of car you drive, the area you live in, your age, your profession and your own driving history. However this does not mean that every Bursar, Secretary and Police Inspector will be able to get a cheap deal. Each driver will be quoted on their own data – but your profession can significantly affect your insurance cost.”

“However with the emergence of new technologies such as Telematics, motorists who can prove that they are careful behind the wheel can afford themselves discounts on their standard insurance premiums, regardless of their profession.

“Motorists can try the telematics experience before having to commit to having a black box installed in the vehicle by using an app such as MotorMate by

“The app allows us to reward our customers for being good drivers and enables them to better understand their driving behaviour, making them safer on the roads.”

The top five professions quoted the highest comprehensive car insurance premium:

  1. Car salesman – £9,640
  2. Car valeter – £4,817
  3. Window cleaner – £4,607
  4. Football apprentice – £4,038
  5. Car dealer – £2,883.

The five professions quoted the lowest comprehensive car insurance premium:

  1. Bursar state school – £372
  2. Head of personnel – £384
  3. Secretary/PA – £393
  4. Principal Officer Civil Service – £396
  5. Police inspector – £402