Legal Costs for eviction of defaulting tenants can prove to be very costly and often a time consuming process. Our new Landlords Legal and Rent Guarantee policy is specifically designed to provide the cover holder (Residential Landlord / Residential Rented Property Owner) with legal representation and assistance should they need to take legal action to evict a defaulting tenant and recover rent owed.

 Our latest Landlords policy scheme now offers the additional benefit of a guarantee for loss of rent up to a policy limit equivalent to 6 monthly rental payments [following an initial period of 2 months arrears outstanding, (3 months in Scotland) ].

 Our new policy..

  • Offers a more flexible version of the previous Lexelle landlords scheme
  • Is underwritten by UKG
  • Has been enhanced to allow for optional rent guarantee cover in the event of tenant arrears, the former scheme offered legal cover for pursuit of rent arrears only i.e. not guaranteed
  • Has been secured at very competitive rates

For further details please contact the office 0114 249 3300 or email