We understand that navigating through insurance policies and legal matters can sometimes raise queries. Our FAQs aim to address common questions we encounter, providing clarity and guidance on various aspects of our services and policies. Explore this section to find succinct answers and insights.

Our claims process is streamlined by having different options for each policy you hold with us. All of our claims procedures are outlined on our claims page.

Here at Lexelle, we endeavor to make your experience with us a great one, but if you are not happy with our service please follow the instructions on the complaints page.

If you would like to make an amendment to your policy, please contact the broker or organisation who sold the policy to you. Their contact details are provided in your policy documentation.
If you would like to cancel your policy, please contact the broker or organisation who sold the policy to you. Their contact details are provided in your policy documentation.
If you need to make Lexelle aware of any special requirements or adaptations when we are communicating please let us know by calling 0114 350 4107 or emailing assist@lexelle.com.

If your Lexelle policy includes the free legal advice service it is available for you to use 24/7, 365 days a year. The helpline provides free legal advice for your personal legal issues, it is not intended to replace the services of a solicitor, but rather to assist you to identify the legal issues at hand, consider their legal rights and what courses of action are available to you and whether you need to consult a solicitor.

The free legal advice service can be contacted on 0333 400 8217.

The free legal advice helpline will provide general advice only and cannot assist with complex legal matters which may require reviewing documents or specific legislation.

The free legal advice cannot assist with matters that would fall outside of the following jurisdictions: England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

It is a requirement in nearly all legal expenses insurance policies that a claim must have a reasonable prospect of success. This means that any proposed legal action for a policyholder must have a 51% or more chance of winning and redress to be met.
It is a condition in nearly all legal expenses insurance policies that a claim must be proportionate to pursue. This means the policy won’t help where the legal costs of pursuing the claim are expected to exceed or outweigh the amount/value in dispute.

Landlords LEI

No, the policy does not cover the cost of issuing notices upon your tenants, but our panel solicitors may be able to do this at a reduced cost if you contact us and are a policy holder.

We will require full referencing information, including proof of credit checks carried out on each paying tenant at the start of the tenancy. Also, proof that a deposit was collected.

We will need full rental records showing all payments made by the tenant so that we can calculate the precise amount of rent outstanding. For us to pursue a claim, there must be a minimum of 2 month’s rent outstanding.

We will need to see full inspection records for the property, as we will need to establish that the damage was caused during the tenant’s period of occupancy, and were due to the actions of the tenant, rather than simply wear and tear. This will also assist us in validating the cost of repairs.


Usually, you cannot claim for unfair dismissal unless you have been employed for at least 2 years. However, if your dismissal is due to unlawful discrimination or whistleblowing you can bring a claim and should contact us as soon as possible

The policy will only cover issues that began after the policy started. As this dispute started before you were insured with Lexelle we cannot help, however your previous insurer (if you had cover then) may be able to help. 

The limitation period for these claims is normally three months minus one day from the date of dismissal, however, under certain circumstances this can be extended. Because of the short period involved, it is imperative you contact us as soon as possible following a dispute with your employer arising so we can provide you with the best advice and assistance under your policy.

This type of legal claim would be pursued against you due to your responsibility/liability for your animal. The Legal Expenses insurance is to cover costs in pursuing your losses and not to defend and cover your liability, so we cannot help. However, Public Liability is usually included in your main home covers (buildings and/or contents) so you should contact your main home insurer to provide you with cover for this type of incident.

In order to carry out an initial review of the claim, we will need a surveyor’s report, copies of the property deeds and photographs showing the nature of the dispute.

A Surveyors report is often needed to evidence that a dispute is occurring, for example in a boundary dispute you will need a surveyor’s report to determined where the true boundary is and therefore show your claim that is likely to succeed and worth pursuing. Your report will need to be CPR compliant and likely from a chartered surveyor. You might want to look for a surveyor via the Royal Institute of Surveyors website. Make sure the surveyor you instruct is experienced in the appropriate field, e.g. do not use a valuer for a boundary dispute.


We will only pursue losses that are not covered by your main motor insurance, so cover would normally be limited to the recovery of your policy excess, any hire costs you have paid for and personal injury. Please contact as soon as possible after any incident so we can provide more detailed advice.


Our Replacement Vehicle Covers only provide hire where your car has been involved in an accident, fire theft or malicious damage. We may require evidence to show what has occurred. The Replacement Hire Vehicle policy will not provide cover where a vehicle has broken down.

The vehicle class will be as per the description on your policy schedule, if an automatic vehicle is required, for example, then there may be an additional charge for this.

We will only pay hire for the period stated on your policy schedule, any hire required beyond this would have to be paid for by you.