Broker Training – Family Platinum Legal Expenses

Family Platinum Summary of Key Exclusions

This section excludes injury claims relating to a road traffic accident and clinical negligence claims.

Any claim not reported within 30 days of dismissal. A policy excess of £250 is payable by the policyholder for all employment dispute claims.

(a) any offence which is not a strict liability offence.
(b) any strict liability offence involving a motor vehicle, offences of a sexual nature or offences related to the policyholder’s business or profession.

Excludes the following;
(a) contracts related to profession, business or employment.
(b) contracts involving a motor vehicle.
(c) disputes relating to advice or settlement of an insurance policy or financial product.
(d) any contract related to building or construction work including extension or conversion work at the policyholder’s main residence.

HMRC enquiries into earnings related to self-employment are not covered as are any claims where the policyholder has made deliberate misstatements and/or omissions to the HMRC.

Does not cover any loss of earnings related to self-employment.

Excludes the following;
(a) any building or land other than the policyholder’s main residence.
(b) any work carried out by any local or public authority unless the claim is for accidental damage.
(c) any claim relating to a motor vehicle.
(d) claims related to mining subsidence. A policy excess of £250 is payable by the policyholder for any nuisance or trespass related claims under this section.

Excludes the following where the policyholder:
(a) includes a school within their application which is outside the LEA catchment area.
(b) did not follow the LEA appeals process.
(c) has applied for a child that has been expelled or permanently excluded from another school.

Excludes cover where;
(a) the deceased did not make a will
(b) where the will subject to dispute does not fulfil the legal. requirements for making a will (e.g. was not signed by 2 witnesses in presence of the person making the will).

Excludes cover where;
(a) the amount in dispute is less than £500.
(b) the property is not the policyholder’s main residence.
(c) the policyholder has withdrawn from the transaction.

(a) any travel outside Europe.
(b) any event that is not reported within 30 days of returning from holiday subject to dispute.
(c) any claim where the goods or services in dispute is less than £150.

Excludes cover where;
(a) identity theft relates to a business, profession or occupation.
(b) the matter is attributable to the policyholder’s failure to safeguard their personal information including PINs and passwords.

Where the person subject to the defamation is less than 18 years of age.