Second Home Family Legal Expenses Insurance

Second Home Family Legal Expenses Insurance

Many customers will have a further property as well as their principal home, be it a holiday cottage, a static caravan or park home, for example. Many Family Legal Expenses policies are not suitable for this risk, and so we have developed specific cover to protect such customers. The cover does not replicate all the areas of protection provided by the primary Family Legal Expenses policy to avoid dual insurance complications.

Our policy covers in brief are:

  • 24/7 Family Legal Advice phone service
  • Contract Disputes
  • Property Protection

Contact our team for impartial advice about legal expenses insurance for second family home

Lexelle also have a variant of this product to cover second homes that are occasionally let.

To talk to us about our Second Home Family Legal Expenses Insurance product or any of our other products, please call 0114 350 4107 or email

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