Claims Fulfilment

Claims Fulfilment

Lexelle have extensive claims handling capability to manage claim matters on your behalf, with the additional benefit of our Group law firm, PM Law which can provide Legal Advice and Litigation Services to our Customers.

Each year we handle thousands of claims for a variety of organisations, ranging from recovery of uninsured losses to management of claims on behalf of Insurers. We can tailor our service to meet your specific requirements, incorporating various suppliers as and when required.

With our proactive claims fulfilment and careful cost control measures, we have successfully managed to reduce claims leakage and overspend with a number of our previous partners. We maintain competitive claims handling fees and have excellent relationships with numerous suppliers.

Treating Customers Fairly is a real focus, where we aim to get our claims handling decisions right first time, and this is evidenced by our very low rate of claims decision overturns by the Financial Ombudsman Service – something we are keen to maintain.

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Proactive claims management and careful cost control measures

Lexelle can provide claims services across a range of products – if you would like to talk to us about our claims management capabilities, please call 0114 350 4107 or email

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