Whilst we have been tucking into the mince pies, Carrie has been back at it not once but twice over the festive period. Starting in the Kirkby Christmas Trial hosted by Ripon Motor Club on 16th December. What an event it was with riders across the country taking part, putting a show on for a packed-out crowd including dogs and a baby. One rider even dressed as a Christmas Tree!

Lexelle sponsored Carrie Dickinson, was excited to be taking part as this trial is one of her favourites.

The first lap went great, Carrie upon bike affectionately named Santos were coming in strong, not missing a beat. Having moved to the lighter rear shock absorber earlier this year was now paying off in dividends.

But sadly, Carrie had to retire due to an unforeseen circumstance and was not able to complete the trial to her fullest potential, riding round sections 16-20, taking a 5 to be able to see the results for the earlier lap.

Carrie had this to say “I was super disappointed to not be able to complete the trial, I planned to push for even better scores on lap two. I will be back next year to tackle it again and have my eyes set on a much stronger result.”

Then on Boxing Day (26th December) Carrie took on yet another trial. Keep visiting Lexelle Motorcycle Racing News to read all about it.