Broker Training – Motor Legal Expenses

Motor Legal Expenses Sales Process

The Lexelle range of Motor Legal Expenses Insurance products may be offered as an optional additional cover to a policyholder’s main Motor Insurance and offers the policyholder range of common potential legal Road Traffic Accident claim issues that can arise.

It is important to run though the following key product features, covers, special restrictions and some important areas that would not be covered by the policy as a minimum set of declarations prior to the sale of the policy. We do offer a wide range of vehicle covers from Private Cars, Motorbikes, Motor homes and Classic Cars as well as Commercial Vehicles and Fleet Covers.

An example of a typical Policy Wording and IPID is attached but check the terms and conditions of the policy that you sell to make sure that all appropriate information is understood and contact Lexelle 0114 350 4107 if you have any questions.

Summary of Key Covers

Lexelle offers a range of Motor Legal Expenses policy options that are all designed to meet the needs of motor traffic accident claimants under the Whiplash Reforms legislation introduced in 2021. The following covers are provided as standard with all Lexelle Motor Legal Expenses policy versions.

Motor Legal Policy – Standard Covers (covers up to £100,000 in legal costs)

Provides cover for legal fees the policy holder would incur in pursuing a claim for personal injury damages against an at fault 3rd party following a road traffic accident.
In the event of a Motor Insurance claim, the policy holder will normally have to pay a policy excess and may have to cover other costs, for example; for a hire vehicle or for the replacement of any personal items damaged in an accident e.g. laptop, bicycle on car roof or rear cycle rack. The Lexelle motor legal expenses policy covers legal fees to recover the costs of these items from the party at fault.

Motor Legal Policy – Additional Optional Extra Covers (covers up to £25,000 in legal expenses)

A legal advice helpline that provides policyholders with free legal advice for personal legal issues that can relate to any issue not just motoring issues. This is not intended to replace the services of a solicitor but to help policyholders to consider their legal rights and identify what courses of action are available including whether they need to consult a solicitor. This is a 24/7 helpline service and should not be used as a substitute for reporting a claim.

Provides cover for legal fees incurred in successfully defending a motor prosecution e.g. Speeding & Driving without due care and attention.

Provides cover for legal fees to pursue a dispute with a business who has provided a service or goods related to your vehicle.
Provides cover for legal fees incurred by a policyholder in defending prosecutions or civil claims caused by someone cloning or taking your vehicle identity or registration.

Provides cover for legal fees in defending the policyholder’s legal rights where their vehicle has been seized by the Police or other Government body as a result of their Insurer not having correctly recorded the policyholder’s insured vehicle on the MID via the UK Motor Insurance Bureau.

Provides cover for legal fees relating to a policyholder’s pursuit of a claim for damages sustained to their motor vehicle when driving on a public road that is not properly maintained.

Motor Legal Expenses Policy Conditions and General Exclusions

  • Recovery of losses that are covered by any other insurance and/or credit hire or credit repair
  • Any claim for psychological injury where no physical injury has been sustained
  • Any claims pursued under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme or any equivalent
  • Cannot provide assistance for any complex legal matters that may require review of specific documentation or legislation.
  • Policyholders must not rely on the legal advice helpline instead of reporting a claim.
  • Offences that occurred or are alleged to have occurred outside the period of insurance.
  • Offences where the policyholder has pleaded guilty to any charges at any time.
  • Offences that are not being dealt with via the magistrates or high court.
  • Offences that are related to drink driving, drug use or using a handheld mobile phone device whilst driving
  • Offences relating to vehicle faults/maintenance.
  • Offences relating to theft or driving without the owner’s consent.
  • Any parking charges or parking fines
  • Any offence which occurred whilst driving any vehicle other than the insured vehicle.
  • Any dispute relating to a contract that occurred prior to the policy period of cover unless proof of a former insurance policy that lapsed immediately prior to the current policy cover period can be provided.
  • Civil claims relating to road traffic accidents.
  • Where the insured vehicle’s identity is used by someone living with you.
  • Errors that were also detailed on documents or information provided to you
  • Damage that is not solely caused by a single sudden event.
  • Where the insured vehicle has not been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • For any vehicle parts that had pre-existing damage.
  • Policyholders must ensure that any event that gives rise to a claim must be reported as soon as possible and no later than 180 days of the event giving rise to the claim.
  • Policyholders must ensure that any claim is not prejudiced by any action or inaction on their part.
  • Policyholders must ensure that any claim made is an honest claim and not false or fraudulent.
  • The policy does not cover for any losses suffered by any party other than an insured person.
  • Any claims for incidents that occurred outside of the territorial limits or outside of the period of cover.


Lexelle’s Motor Legal Expenses Platinum cover is designed to provide cover to support motorists following a road traffic accident in recovering any associated uninsured losses and where applicable support for legal costs where there has been a personal injury involved.

There are other optional covers that can be provided as follows:-

  • 24×7 Legal Helpline.
  • Motor Prosecution Defence.
  • Motor Contract Disputes.
  • Vehicle Cloning Cover.
  • MID Disputes.
  • Pothole Damage Cover.

The Legal Helpline service will offer advice on legal matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland. The service will provide generic legal advice over the telephone and no formal correspondence will be entered into. Policyholders must not use the helpline as an alternative to making a claim on the policy.

Uninsured losses are the expenses a policyholder might incur after an accident aren’t covered by their standard motor insurance.

For example:-

  • Medical expenses for the policyholder and their passengers.
  • Reasonable travel expenses, for example to work if the policyholder cannot drive.
  • Car hire costs.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Reclaiming their motor insurance excess.

Motor legal expenses insurance will not cover a policyholder if they are to blame for the accident, however the policy holder can still use the 24/7 legal helpline if they require advice.

Yes – but the incident or specific event that leads to a claim by the policyholder must occur after the policy has been purchased.

In the event of a claim, the policy covers for Lexelle to appoint a solicitor, counsel, claims handler, mediator, or another qualified professional to represent the policyholder. Should the policyholder wish to select their own solicitor this will require prior written approval by Lexelle and should not be appointed without first seeking approval.