Broker Training – Family Platinum / Platinum Plus Legal Expenses

Family Platinum Sales Process

The Lexelle Family Legal Expenses Platinum range of household legal expenses products may be offered as an optional additional cover to a policyholder’s main Home & Contents insurance policy and offers the policyholder and residing family members cover and access to justice for a range of common potential legal issues that can arise.

We work with leading Law firms to ensure quality and efficient service for when customers are most at need.

It is important to run though the following key product features, covers, special restrictions and some important areas that would not be covered by the policy as a minimum set of declarations prior to the sale of the policy.

Family Platinum Summary of Key Covers

There are a number of Platinum options with various indemnity limits which is summarised in the following table:-

Guide to the different levels of the Family Platinum policy

Please ensure that the policyholder is made aware of the following policy conditions and exclusions prior to purchase.

Family Platinum Summary of Key Exclusions

Click this link to see the key exclusions of the Family Legal Platinum Policy.

Family Platinum Policy Conditions and General Exclusions

  • The free 24/7 Legal Advice Helpline is for general advice only and policyholders should be informed that they must not rely on the free legal advice instead of reporting a claim.
  • The policy covers the policyholder and any member of their family (including civil partners and children for whom the policyholder and spouse/civil partner are the legal guardian) that permanently resides with them at their main home of residence.
  • All claims must be reported as soon as possible and in any event within 180 days of the event giving rise to the claim.
  • For all legal claims there must be a reasonable prospect of success, i.e. a greater than 51% chance, that a claim will succeed and the claimant will be able and likely to obtain the compensation or none financial result that they are seeking.
  • Any legal or associated costs that the policyholder has incurred prior to reporting the claim are not covered.
  • All claims for any matter that was not caused by a specific or sudden incident/event are excluded.
  • Any claims that arise from a criminal act or omission are excluded.
  • Any claim for incidents that occurred outside the United Kingdom (including N.I.) the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man are not covered as are any claims that occurred outside the period of cover detailed on the policyholder’s policy schedule.


Lexelle’s Family Legal Expenses Platinum cover is designed to provide cover to support families with a comprehensive range of household legal issues that may arise. There are a number of options in the Platinum range from standard Platinum cover up to the Platinum Plus product whose features are summarised within the “Sales Process Guide – Summary of Key Covers” part of the training material.

The Legal Helpline service will offer advice on legal matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland.
The service will provide generic legal advice over the telephone and no formal correspondence will be entered into. Policyholders must not use the helpline as an alternative to making a claim on the policy.

There are no set limits for use of the helpline, however, this service can be withdrawn if a policyholder’s use of the helpline is deemed to have been excessive and therefore unreasonable.

Yes – there are various policy limits ranging from £75,000 to a maximum of £100,000, for the Platinum range of products. There are also some specific set limits for individual sections of the policy.
Full details are summarised in the table included in the “Sales Process Guide – Family Platinum Summary of Key Covers” part of the training material.

No – any legal costs must first be authorised by calling the Lexelle Claims Helpline to register a claim. Also, it is important to note that the policyholder could prejudice a valid claim on the policy by having sought legal assistance prior to registering the claim.

Yes – The Platinum policy will cover legal costs in the event of a dispute arising from the purchase of a policyholder’s principal home. However, the policy will not cover disputes that may arise from the purchase of any land or property that is not intended to be the policyholder’s principal home.

Yes – but the incident or specific event that leads to a claim by the policyholder must occur after the policy has been purchased.

No – the policyholder would need to purchase an appropriate Landlords Legal Expenses policy which are widely available.

No – disputes related to advice, sale, cover or settlement payable under an insurance or other financial product or service are not covered by the policy.

In the event of a claim, the policy covers for Lexelle to appoint a solicitor, counsel, claims handler, mediator or other qualified professional to represent the policyholder. Should the policyholder wish to select their own family solicitor this will require prior written approval by Lexelle and should not be appointed without first seeking approval.