Over the last two weeks Tarran has been busy with two separate two day tests in Italy in preparation for the upcoming rounds of the World Superbike Championship.

The first of the two day tests was at a brand new track called Cremona, just outside of Milan. This two day session allowed Tarran to get familiar with the new track as it appears for the first time later on in the season in September. With no prior knowledge or data for the track, Tarran made the most of the sessions, recording a best time of 1’31.2. However, bad weather on the afternoon brought Thursday to a close before returning to the track on Friday.

Friday brought good weather all day and it allowed Tarran to learn the layout of the track as well as testing various components on the bike. Tarran closed the session with a best time of 1’30.646 and was pleased with progress made.

The second of the two day tests came at a more familiar track for Tarran, at the Misano World Circuit, as his gears up for round four of the World Superbike Championship, taking place on the 14th – 16th of June.

Tarran took to the track on Thursday morning to collect important data and get adapted to the circuit ready for the upcoming round. Bad weather on Friday cut the day short for Tarran but was pleased with the time he did get on the track and managed to build confidence around the circuit.

This is what Tarran had to say on the test sessions: “After our summer break the last two weeks we have been busy with two, two day tests in Italy. The first was at a new circuit for everyone called Cremona near Milan. It reminded me of tight twisty BSB tracks but it also had a 1km straight to break things up.

The second was at Misano where I first tested the Superbike in 2023. I left happy and excited to get racing next week when we return”.

We’ll see Tarran next week back at Misano for round four of the World Superbike Championship.